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Outdoor Cinema – Site checklist – FAQ’s
June 26, 2015, 10:53 am
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Outdoor Cinema Checklist

Outdoor Cinema Checklist Site Access

1. Site Access

The mobile cinema van will need access to the site, as it is used to help erect the screen and it also supports the screen once it is in position. If there are locks or padlocks on the access gate, we will need them unlocked 4hrs before the scheduled start time of the film and the gate will need to be open 1 1/2hrs following the screening to allow for bump-out. Please feel free to contact us for our vehicle details if you need to arrange a parking permit for the duration of the event.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist Power Supply
2. Power Supply

The mobile cinema comes with it’s own generator that we use for our outdoor cinema shows, and to have on stand-by for our indoor cinemas. However, we always love to have a back-up plan for those just in case moments. Upon arrival on site we will be looking for a 240v power outlet (pref 15amp but 10amp is also OK) no further than 100m from the cinema. This is to be used as our back-up power supply in the unlikely event that the generator should fail. For sites where there are not power outlets, I would suggest that we add an additional back-up generator to the cinema. The benefits of using a generator are; No long cables across publicly accessible areas, quicker set-up and wont be accidentally unplugged by vendors . It’s also great to have a power source that we are familiar with, many onsite power outlets have not been used for some time and they may have other items on the same circuit that may disrupt the power supply. We use a silenced generator that can only be heard from behind the screen.

– Irrigation: It is important that you mark out any irrigation pipes in the location of the cinema, as 4 pegs are hammered into the ground to help locate the screen. It is also important to check that any automatic watering timers don’t cause a chilly interruption to the movie.

Toilets:: Make sure that toilets are unlocked and that there is enough lighting.

– Residents: It’s always a good idea to warn residents about the event and maybe offer them some free tickets if appropriate.

– Security:We require that you have a designated person or security guard on site 1 hour prior and 1 hr following the screening to allow the cinema to be safely bumped out.

– Lighting: All lights in the area must be able to be covered or switched off during the screening. It’s also a great idea to have lighting organised for when the film finishes, as some areas can be very dark and pose a safety hazard.

– Space: For the 6m wide screen we require a space of 12m x 7m and for our 4m wide screen 8m x 7m for the bump-in and pack down of the cinema.




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