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The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Events Pages For Your Movie Night
September 12, 2017, 8:30 am
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This post is going to be a bit of research and a work in progress. Every week I will be adding another important tip on getting the most out of your Facebook Event to turn your movie night into a success. The aim being to create the ultimate guide to Facebook Events Pages for your movie night.

Facebook Events Tip 1 Image

1. Start with an striking image.

When promoting your cinematic event using Facebook you need to work within their constraints. The most obvious and visual element of this being the event image. You want to take time in finding something that explains your event visually, so people can understand what your event is even before they slow down to read further. And in writing this I think I may have been doing it all wrong. I normally use the film poster for the film we are screening, which would be alright if I was a regular cinema. But the thing that makes our cinema unique is the fact that it’s ‘mobile’, so people are probably going to want to see what the cinema looks like, preferably in the setting they will be watching it (Beach, Winery, Park etc.).  Once you have taken the time to think about an image that best describes your event visually, you need to make sure that it gets displayed properly across mobile and desktop. The image should have an aspect ratio of 1.9:1 or be 1200 x 628 pixels and have little or no text. It’s best to tell it with an image and Facebook obviously agree because if you include too much text in your event photo they may not approve it. Facebook also now allows you to add a video instead of an image for this section with a suggested running time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. However unless you have taken and edited a great looking video from a previous event I would suggest sticking with a striking image. Please contact me if you require any images of our cinema that you would like to use in your promotion.

Perfect Facebook Events Tip 2 Title

2. Clear title that is short and sweet.

Sometimes when it’s your event you can get caught up in names, but it’s important to remember that a cool sounding name may not best describe your event. Also names that are too long can often get cut off on different devices, so it’s best to keep your event title short and to the point. Location and time are included in the event details and shouldn’t be in the title section.

For the sake of our mobile cinema events the title should include these three elements:
1. Unique Location Feature: Seaside, Carpark, Cellar Door. etc.
2. Event type: Outdoor Cinema, Drive-in, Pop-up Cinema etc.
3. Film: The Godfather (MA15+), The Blues Brothers (M), Toy Story (G) – Please note that the rating of the film needs to be included in all of your movie night promotions.

The organisation or festival name can either go at the beginning, end or not at all depending on how the title reads, keep in mind the shorter you can make it the better. People are just skimming their feed and will see your striking image first and then quickly scan the text. You need to decide what is the biggest selling point of your film night and start with that;
e.g. Seaside Outdoor Cinema – Point Break (M)
Is the Seaside Outdoor Cinema the selling point or that you are screening Point Break (M)?
I imagine if you screened the original Point Break in a normal cinema the audience size would be OK. However the fact that it’s being screened at a Seaside Outdoor Cinema will make it more appealing to a much larger audience. So in this instance I would start with ‘Seaside Outdoor Cinema’.

Facebook Events Tip Location And Time

3. Location, Time & Keywords

Try to use a location (Venue, Park or Building Name) that is recognised by Facebook’s automatic pop-up suggestions that relate directly to a Facebook Page or a suggested location. As you enter your venue name into the location box, you will notice that Facebook will autocomplete with some venue name suggestions. Your event location combined with some well selected keywords will help your event get discovered by people living nearby that have your keywords as interests. If your location doesn’t appear on a map when entered, Facebook won’t recommend it to people in the area. If your location isn’t appearing as a Facebooks suggestion you will need to enter a full, detailed street address.

Enter the date and time for your event. Movie screenings are best to have the start time at least 30mins before the start of the film. If you have other events planned for your movie night, make sure you include a schedule in the event description, so those who want to come for the movie knows when it starts. It’s also very important to include an end time for your event, as people may be arranging a lift with friends or catching public transport.

Stay tuned – More to come!

I will be adding more tips and tricks every week.

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