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Adelaide Film Festival #Testimonial #MobileCinema

Adelaide Film Festival #Testimonial
‘Thanks so much for your work on the three screenings that Road Movie presented for the BigPond Adelaide Film Festival. It was wonderful knowing that we could rely on you to deliver expert advise and a high professional standard to the projects. I also appreciate the time you took to consult about the various locations and your patience in dealing with fairly demanding set ups.’
Adele Hann – Associate Director – Adelaide Film Festival 2015, 2013 & 2011

Signature Series with David Stratton - Adelaide Film Festival - Yalumba

Signature Series with David Stratton – Adelaide Film Festival – Yalumba

Carpets for Communities Outdoor Cinema Fundraiser Testimonial

Carpets for Communities Outdoor Cinema Fundraiser Testimonial

‘For our recent fundraiser we had a charity movie night and employed the services of Andy and Road Movie Mobile Cinema. I found them to be very helpful, reliable and professional. They took the time to find out what we needed for the event and they delivered on everything they said they would do. Being a charity, we don’t like to spend any money, but we were glad we did, as road movie gave such a professional screening and we were able to successfully make a good profit for our charity from the movie night. I would definitely use Road Movie again for our next event.’
Melissa Willoughby – Marketing coordinator Carpets for Communities


The De Niro & Scorsese poll results are in! #DeNiro #Scorsese #Movie #Poll
June 30, 2016, 8:43 am
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Last week we celebrated 40 years of ‘Taxi Driver’ and thought we would find out what’s the best De Niro & Scorsese film. We received 62 votes and the stand out winner at 39% was Goodfellas from 1990, followed by Taxi Driver that only just managed to snatch second place from Casino with 24% and forth place went to Raging Bull. What we can tell by this poll is that not enough people have watched the King of Comedy, so put down what you are doing now and see De Niro, Scorsese and Jerry Lewis as you have never seen them before.
Taxi Driver

The Star Wars poll results are in! #StarWars #Poll #Vote
June 23, 2016, 8:43 am
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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ became available for mobile cinema events last week and we asked how does it fare against the rest of the series? And the answer is that it’s better than episodes 1-3 and it even sits above ‘Return Of The Jedi’ by 1%. The ultimate and possibly obvious winner was ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ with a massive 46%, followed by the original movie ‘Star Wars’ at 21%. I think that’s a pretty positive result for ‘The Force Awakens’

Click here to see the latest numbers and to add your vote.

Click here to see the latest numbers and to add your vote.

Click here to book ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ for your next mobile cinema event.

Make the most of our 30% cinema hire discount this winter

Road Movie Mobile Cinema are offering a 30% discount to all cinema hires this winter (expires 31 August 2016)

We also offer an additional 10% discount to cinema hires on our off-peak days (Sunday to Thursday)
+ an additional 10% discount for bookings of three nights or more.


Outdoor Cinema – Site checklist – FAQ’s
June 26, 2015, 10:53 am
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Outdoor Cinema Checklist

Outdoor Cinema Checklist Site Access

1. Site Access

The mobile cinema van will need access to the site, as it is used to help erect the screen and it also supports the screen once it is in position. If there are locks or padlocks on the access gate, we will need them unlocked 4hrs before the scheduled start time of the film and the gate will need to be open 1 1/2hrs following the screening to allow for bump-out. Please feel free to contact us for our vehicle details if you need to arrange a parking permit for the duration of the event.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist Power Supply
2. Power Supply

The mobile cinema comes with it’s own generator that we use for our outdoor cinema shows, and to have on stand-by for our indoor cinemas. However, we always love to have a back-up plan for those just in case moments. Upon arrival on site we will be looking for a 240v power outlet (pref 15amp but 10amp is also OK) no further than 100m from the cinema. This is to be used as our back-up power supply in the unlikely event that the generator should fail. For sites where there are not power outlets, I would suggest that we add an additional back-up generator to the cinema. The benefits of using a generator are; No long cables across publicly accessible areas, quicker set-up and wont be accidentally unplugged by vendors . It’s also great to have a power source that we are familiar with, many onsite power outlets have not been used for some time and they may have other items on the same circuit that may disrupt the power supply. We use a silenced generator that can only be heard from behind the screen.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist 3 Irrigation

3. Irrigation

It is important that you mark out any irrigation pipes in the location of the cinema, as 4 pegs are hammered into the ground to help locate the screen. It is also important to check that any automatic watering timers don’t cause a chilly interruption to the movie.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist 4 Toilets

4. Toilets

When deciding on a location for your outdoor cinema it’s always a good idea to keep the location of the toilets in mind. Toilet facilities should be close to the cinema if possible, and have an illuminated pathway and signage pointing people in the right direction. It’s always a good idea to include a on-screen slide with a map of the area, showing people where the facilities are located. If you are expecting a large audience, it may also be a good idea to hire some porta-loo’s. However most of these won’t have lighting, so you may need to install your own battery operated lights. And of course make sure they are nice and clean and have plenty of paper and soap. Clean toilets = a happy audience.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist 5 Residents

5. Residents

It’s always a good idea to warn residents about your outdoor cinema event. As there will be increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic plus the cinema itself may be loud for some homes depending on where they are positioned in relation to the cinema. Sometimes the offer of free tickets and VIP treatment is appropriate. It’s also a great idea to inform the local police of your event.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist 6 Security

6. Security

For events in public spaces it’s a great idea to hire a security guard. They can help being an extra set of eyes and ears to make sure everyones behaving and also keep an eye out for stray kids to help them find their parents. It’s also a great idea for staff of the event to all be identifiable by wearing the same shirts, hats or something similar. This helps the audience identify who they need to speak too if they have any questions or concerns. We require that you have a designated person or a security guard on site 1 hour prior and 1 hr following the screening to allow the mobile cinema to be safely bumped out.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist 7 Lighting

7. Lighting

All lights in the area must be able to be covered or switched off during the screening. It’s also a great idea to have lighting organised for when the film finishes, as some areas can be very dark and pose a safety hazard.

Outdoor Cinema Checklist 8 clear area

8. Clear Area

If you are setting out seating for your event, you will need to leave the area clear for the set up of the screen. For the 6m wide screen we require a space of 12m x 7m and for our 4m wide screen 8m x 7m for the bump-in and pack down of the cinema. Once we arrive on site to bump in, the screen is the first thing to be installed to allow enough time for the seating to be put out.



Are there any films that are unavailable for mobile cinema events? FAQs
May 8, 2015, 11:30 am
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Unfortunately, we sometimes have films that become unavailable for a variety of reasons.

• A film distributor may be planning a theatrical re-release of a film e.g. 3D or re-mastered version, like the recent re-releases of Titanic & Finding Nemo. This may mean that once the new release of the film has completed its run in the cinema it will again be available for events.

• If a new film in a movie franchise is coming out, like James Bond or Batman, the film distributor will often pull all the other movies in the franchise from distribution until the new film has been released.

• An outdoor film screening may not be approved if it’s planned to screen at the Nationwide Moonlight Cinema. As they invest large sums of money in advertising campaigns and sell tickets from which the film companies derive significant revenues. So a smaller or free event may potentially diminish that income. Some films that have been rejected for this reason are, The Princess Bride, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Grease & Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

• Disney films are occasionally retired to ‘The Vault’ where they remain unavailable for several years to allow the build-up of demand. The re-releases of these films will often be a re-mastered or restored version that may in some cases get a short cinematic re-release also.

Click HERE to see a full list of films currently unavailable.

Click HERE to see a full list of films currently unavailable.

Just because we have listed a film as unavailable doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying for as things often change and the rights may become available in the future. However when selecting a film for your event it’s always a good idea to have a second and possibly third choice lined up, just in case. There are thousands of great films to choose from and if you need help coming up with a film we can help you with our multitude of THEMED FILM LISTS, also our Top 100 films list.

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